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Why Are Tilt-Tray Trucks Preferred For Accident Towing?

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An observant motor vehicle owner will have noticed that tilt-tray trucks are the preferred types of trucks used for towing vehicles involved in an accident. There are various reasons for the wide preference of these trucks as opposed to other types of trucks.

This article provides a few reasons why tilt tray trucks are the best for accident towing. The given reasons should convince anyone involved in an accident to have their vehicle towed using a tilt-tray truck.

Tilt-Tray Trucks Allow For Greater Passenger Accommodation

One of the main benefits of using tow trucks for accident towing is that those involved in the accident do not necessarily have to seek an alternative means of transport out of the accident scene. This is because tilt tray trucks have greater seating capacity than other types of accident towing trucks. The typical tilt tray truck can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers in its cabin area.

Therefore, those involved in an accident don't have to spend time waiting for transport out of the accident scene once the vehicle has been towed.  

Tilt Truck Towing Prevents Further Damage To The Vehicle

Another reason why tilt tray trucks are preferred for accident towing is that they help to prevent further damage to the vehicle being towed.

A vehicle involved in an accident needs to be handled with as much care as possible. With this in mind, tilt tray trucks are better for accident towing because the damaged vehicle is carried on the tilt tray to an auto repair shop instead of being pulled or dragged there. This pulling of damaged vehicles that is synonymous with conventional tow trucks can result in the falling off of loose-hanging parts of the damaged vehicle before arrival at the repair shop. In the same breath, tilt tray trucks are safer for accident towing because they eliminate safety risks to other road users as the damaged vehicle is transported out of the accident scene.

Tilt Tray Truck Towing Is Suitable For A Wider Variety Of Accident Scenarios

A conventional tow truck would have difficulty pulling out a vehicle that has been thrown into a river. It would take a long time for the conventional tow truck to get into a position suitable for pulling out the damaged car. In sharp contrast, a tilt tray truck would simply need to have its flatbed adjusted according to the situation at the accident scenario for the vehicle to be recovered from the river.

From the above discussion, it is clear why a motorist involved in an accident should opt for tilt tray truck towing. Some towing companies may even have custom-made tilt trays to make their truck as accommodating as possible.