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Jumpers for Goalposts: Four Alternatives to Buying Goal Posts

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Playing football can involve a lot of equipment like boots, shin guards, jerseys, goal posts and a ball, but if you need to minimise your equipment list to save a bit of cash or just to embrace simpler times, you may want to consider using a substitute for your nets. Instead of buying goal posts, there are a number of alternatives you can use or homemade goal posts you can make.

Consider the following ideas:

1. Jumpers

If you and your friends are just out and you want to play a casual game, don't call it off because you don't have access to goal posts. Instead, throw two jumpers at each end of the pitch to represent goal posts. Alternatively, use backpacks, traffic cones or anything else that you find lying about.

2. Tent Poles

If you don't like the idea of just marking the width of the net with jumpers or cones, take a three-dimensional approach with some tent poles. If you have a dome-shaped tent, arch the poles over the area where you want to play and anchor them with guy ropes. If the ground is too hard to dig them into it, use buckets of sand to plant the tent poles into.

3. Fence Posts

If you're trying to set up an alternative but semi-permanent goal post using materials you have on hand, consider using old fence posts as goal posts. Use a post hole digger to plant them deeply into the ground so that they don't fall over while playing. If you like, you can complete the effect by attaching a cargo net or a tarp to the posts. 

4. PVC Nets

Using a range of PVC pipes and connectors available at most hardware shops, you can build your own soccer net. Start by laying four tri-directional connectors in each corner of your projected net. Then, connect PVC pipes to the connectors. These pipes should create the base of your net and the posts that rise upward from the ground. You may need to use two-directional connectors to link pieces in the middle of the net.

When your base is done, pop four more three-directional connectors to the top of the posts, and finally, connect straight pieces to form the top of the net's frame. Then, buy a net and hang it from the frame. 

Although substitutes can help to make a game possible if you don't have goal posts, the real thing is what you need if you really want to practice or compete with a regulation style net. To learn more, contact a goal post manufacturer.

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