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Why Powder Coating Is the Best Finish for Metal Fences

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Metal fencing is a favourite option for Australian homeowners that are looking for a material that will provide their property with security while also maintaining their privacy. Nonetheless, despite how effective metal fencing is at providing these benefits, one major downside is its susceptibility to corrosion. This risk of rust is higher in metals such as cast iron and wrought iron, which is not sealed. A simple fix for this would be painting your fencing, but this does not imply that painting is the best choice. An alternative that people are gravitating toward in recent years is powder coating. Powder coating entails the electrostatic application of pigment in powder form to create a protective barrier on the metal surface. So why is powder coating the best finish for metal fences?

Powder coating provides increased weather resistance

Living in Australia means your fence is going to be exposed to severe weather changes such as heavy downpour, blistering heat, high humidity and more. If you live by the coast, you would have to factor in the salt content in the air too as this would accelerate the rate at which corrosion occurs. Powder coating is the best defence that you could provide your fencing with against these elements. Unlike paint that will eventually chip and expose some parts of the fence to weathering, powder coating will not crack. Therefore, your fence will remain in pristine condition for decades to come.

Powder coating offers you reusability

When painting a fence, wastage typically occurs due to spillage or overloading of the brushes. This wasted paint lands on your protective floor coverings and ends up in the trash. Additionally, paints that were mixed to create a unique colour combination end up being disposed of if leftovers remain. If you are concerned about wastage, then powder coating would be a better option. During the application process, any powder that does not end up on the fence can easily be salvaged and stored for future use.

Powder coating is less hazardous than paint

A little-known fact about powder coating is that it is much more eco-friendly than regular paint. Firstly, paint products have high levels of volatile organic compounds. These VOCs are released into the air during the painting project and can prove a health risk if inhaled or if plants absorb them. Powder coating, on the other hand, has negligible amounts of VOCs, which makes it a better solution for the environment. Not to mention that the powder is also inert, so it will not have an adverse effect on the earth when it is eventually discarded.