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Which pressure pipe should you choose?

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If you need to install pressure pipes on your property, then there are a variety of types of piping which you could choose, and the right choice will depend on many factors, including the nature of the system you are installing. It is important that you make the right choice for your circumstances, so you will need to discuss the possibilities with a qualified expert and be guided by their advice. Here are the main types of piping you could choose for your system.

PVC pressure pipes

PVC is the type of pressure pipe most frequently chosen by Australian water agencies for water reticulation, and it is often the first choice in industrial and irrigation applications. A PVC pressure pipe is made from PVC resin which has been compounded with lubricants, stabilisers, and pigments. Some of the greatest strengths of PVC pressure pipes are corrosion resistance, material stability, ease of installation and good flow characteristics. PVC pressure pipes have been widely used in Australia and throughout the world.

Polyethylene pipes

Initially beginning with small diameter pressure pipes in the 1950s for the industrial and irrigation sectors, PE pressure pipes have gone on to find wide acceptance in coal seam gas, gas reticulation, mining and similar applications. They are particularly popular for trenchless applications, where their flexibility permits significant cost savings during installation. PE pipes have also become widely used as an easy way to quickly provide a structural lining for existing pipework that is due for replacement.

Polybutylene pipes

A polybutylene pressure pipe would generally be used for plumbing and heating applications. You can find these pipes in central heating systems, underfloor heating and both hot and cold water systems. The flexibility of polybutylene piping provides easy installation irrespective of internal temperature conditions. Polybutylene also offers better stress resistance over time than many other pressure pipe solutions.

Crosslinked polyethylene pipes (PEX)

Crosslinked polyethylene is often used in water supply systems as an alternative to metal piping. PEX is frequently preferred to iron, lead or copper piping because it is not only flexible, but it is also quicker to install and easier to work with, and it doesn't suffer with the chlorine and scale problems to which metal piping is prone.

Your piping supplier will be able to suggest the best pressure pipe solution for your circumstances. Talk through with them exactly what you are trying to achieve, and they will know the most appropriate type of pressure pipe to achieve the results you need.