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3 Reasons to Use Online Trophy Stores for Your Next Virtual Run Event

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Running events like 5ks and marathons have seen an expansion to the online world with events called virtual runs. These virtual runs allow anyone anywhere to register for the event, run in the event locally, track their run on a fitness tracker device or smartphone, submit that proof, and collect their medal just as if they were in the specific race. If you are planning to host a virtual run event for charity or fundraising, you may benefit from ordering medals and trophies online. Here are a few reasons why.

Increased Delivery Options

One of the biggest benefits to using stores that sell medals and trophies online is the increased delivery options. If you use a local store, you may be limited on how they can ship the trophies, when those trophies can ship, and you may not receive a free shipping option on larger orders. Online trophy stores have international shipping options, bulk order shipping, and can ship on an expedited order if you need them to. This makes shipping medals and trophies to international running event participants easier, and you can pass on the options to them.

Unique Design Options

When you buy medals and trophies online, you generally have the option of being able to design that medal or trophy to fit the race theme. This allows your virtual runners to have a unique medal or trophy for finishing the race, and a unique medal or trophy to add to their collection that stands out for that race specifically. You can even design special trophies for your first, second, and third place runners that complement the other running event medals.

On File Account Designs

You may not think of the ability to keep your design on-file as a benefit, but it can be a lifesaver sometimes. Consider the fact that you may have a virtual running event that collects money for the same charity or fundraiser every year. If you use the same online store, they can keep your designs on your account. This means when the event rolls around each year, you can take the original design you used for the medals and trophies and update it slightly. This saves time because you can use the original template rather than having to create an entirely new design or hunt for the original design in your own papers and files.

These are only three of the benefits you can gain from ordering medals and trophies online for your running event. If you have a design for your next running event, and you are ready to kick start the trophies and medals, contact an online store, such as Full Colour Badges & Trophies. Let them walk you through their process and help you get a great design for your event to your registered runners.