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Why Not Consider Injection Moulding Your Parts?

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How do you normally get your components manufactured? Have you considered the possibility of using injection-moulded parts? Injection moulding is a technique that is growing in popularity as it becomes possible to use it with an ever increasing number of materials. What are some of the reasons that creating components with injection moulding might be the right choice for your business?

Faster production time Once the injection mould has been created and the machinery set up, injection moulding is a very quick procedure. The larger the batch of parts you need, the more efficient injection moulding is. Many parts can be created from each mould, so injection moulding is certainly an excellent choice for large production runs.

Highly automated method Injection moulding is a largely computer-controlled process. As a result, a lone operator is able to oversee the entire process. This reduces manufacturing costs and allows injection moulding companies to pass on these savings to their customers.

Highly accurate production The automated nature of injection moulding means that very precise and intricate designs can be created. Moulds can be designed with far closer tolerances than would be possible if they were being fashioned by craftsmen.

A stronger product Injection moulding allows you to use fillers in the moulds. The filler decreases the plastic density and adds strength to the completed part. This can be a huge advantage in fields where durability and extended service life are an issue.

Multiple plastic types Sometime a product will require the use of more than one type of plastic. However, if you adopt injection moulding, this isn't an issue. Using co-injection moulding, you can use two types of plastic in one mould, which allows for increased design flexibility.

Less finishing work required Once a product has been injection moulded, there is very little finishing work to do. Parts usually come out of the mould with an already-finished appearance and don't require further work. This compares very favourably with other production methods, which often need a second process to prepare the part for further use.  

A less-wasteful process Injection moulding generates very little scrap material. And, any scrap plastic can be reground and used again; this not only makes the process more cost efficient, but it also helps to protect the environment.

Injection moulding is the right choice for many different processes. Why not see if you can use injection moulding for your next product launch?