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Making Sure Your Generator Is Ready to Work When you Need It Most

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Generators provide power during critical times. They can be used as an emergency backup when electricity runs out, or they can come in handy for remote projects in areas where supply from the main grid is non-existent.

However, the efficiency of your generator will depend on how well you maintain it. Generator hire makes these machines available at an affordable cost, but you need to use it well if you want to reap the benefits. Here are important maintenance tips for keeping the generator in good condition at all times.

Get insurance cover from the generator hire company

The first thing you should do is to make sure the generator is insured against damage. This will protect you from incurring hefty repair/replacement costs if anything goes wrong with the machine during use.

Most generator hire companies offer different insurance plans that you can sign up for before you get the machine.

Make sure the generator is enclosed

A top mistake that most users make is to keep their generator out in the open. Electricity does not mix well with water, wind and other external weather conditions.

As a result, sensitive parts of the machine can get damaged over time if the generator remains exposed. You can design a cover or an enclosure that keeps the machine well protected during and after use.

Use heavy-duty cords

Heavy-duty cords can handle larger amounts of current and enable the generator to efficiently transfer voltage. If you use cords that are too light, they will resist the flow of high voltage and result in the motor getting overheated. Over time, the motor can end up burning out.

Consult your generator hire company to determine the best cords to use with the generator you're planning to hire.

Keep a supply of oil and filters

You will regularly need to fill the generator with oil in order to power it. The filters will also require regular maintenance and replacement. It is therefore a good idea to keep a supply of oil handy for those days when the oil runs out and you can't access more immediately. An emergency stock ensures that you're up and running at all times.

Keep the oil fresh

The number one cause for generator start-up problems is stale or old oil. This oil is often contaminated with debris and other particles that can clog the carburetor and the motor. Make sure you empty the tank, clean it and fill it with new oil regularly.

Your generator hire company can advise you on the best way to flush the tank and replace it with a fresh supply of oil.