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How Is Stainless Steel Fabrication Useful?

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Steel is a popular metal because it is durable, versatile and cheap. However, when exposed to harsh elements, it can corrode and rust, which is why stainless steel is made. Stainless steel is made by adding chromium to steel, which makes it rust and corrosion-resistant and highly durable.

Stainless steel fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, folding, welding and perforating stainless steel to produce different shapes of components used in industries like automotive, plumbing and even commercial kitchens.

Here are examples of stainless steel fabricated components and how they are useful to you:

In the Automotive Industry

A vehicle, boat, train or even an aeroplane is made up of different components. Most of these components, especially those located in the engine or under the hood (for example, gears, bolts and screws), are made of fabricated stainless steel.

Vehicle manufacturers provide measurements and designs of various car components to stainless steel fabrication companies, who, in turn, fabricate the components and send the finished products to car manufacturers for them to put them together to build a car.

In the Plumbing Industry

As you may already know, the chances are high that a plumbing system will be in contact with water at one point or another. Since stainless steel is durable and rust, corrosion, stain, chemical and pressure-resistant, it is only economical and efficient to utilise stainless steel fabricated plumbing supplies, especially drains and piping. These parts are fabricated by stainless steel fabrication companies in different sizes and measurements.

Inr Commercial Kitchens

Not only is stainless steel resistant to many damaging substances, but it is also considered a hygienic material. It does not stain and cleaning and maintaining it is simple. That is why it is recommended for commercial kitchen surfaces and components.

It is also difficult to damage steel because of its versatility, meaning heat, impacts and scratches from knives might not harm surfaces. Like the other stainless steel components mentioned above, kitchen stainless steel components and surfaces are also fabricated by stainless steel fabrication companies.

Unique Stainless Steel Parts

If you are skilled in the art of designing parts for various machines or you have invented a piece of equipment, you may require parts that do not exist. This means that you need to design these unique components and provide a stainless steel fabrication with measurements to manufacture the part for you.  

Talk to a stainless steel fabricator to learn more about the process.